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Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour and Colorado Riverboat Cruise - 6.5 Hours (Includes Las Vegas Hotel Shuttle)

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour and Colorado Riverboat Cruise - 6.5 Hours (Includes Las Vegas Hotel Shuttle)

Experience it all on this amazing land, air and water tour of the wondrous Grand Canyon.

Las Vegas (to Grand Canyon)
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  • Description

    This isn’t just a Las Vegas helicopter tour. This isn’t just a Grand Canyon helicopter tour. You’ll take to the sky, no doubt, but this adventure also brings you to amazing peaks by foot; it has you travelling the magnificent Colorado River; it brings you to a Native American village and old western town! It’s a flight, riverboat tour, cultural getaway and photographer’s dream journey all wrapped into one unforgettable experience. Here’s how it works:

    • Start the adventure in style and receive a stretch limo ride from you hotel to the helicopter.
    • Take off and travel to the Grand Canyon with an in-flight narration talking you through the many beautiful sights.
    • Among the amazing eyefuls, you’ll encounter the Hoover Dam, the Mojave Desert, Lake Mead and the Colorado River (more on this last one in a minute!)
    • Soar over and fly into the Grand Canyon!
    • Not only do you get to see it all from above—the flight actually touches down deep below the canyon’s towering walls!
    • For this down-to-earth leg of the journey, you’ll hop into a riverboat and cruise the Colorado River on a guided tour.
    • Drift through the Grand Canyon and appreciate it in all its grandeur!
    • Now it’s off to Eagle Point. The Native American Village features an enormous rounded glass bridge suspended nearly 4,000 feet above ground!
    • Next up is Guano Point, a tram that stretches nearly 9,000 feet across the canyon.
    • Here, you’ll enjoy a delicious BBQ. Dine out at the canyon’s edge with unbeatable panoramic views!
    • Last stop is Hualapai Ranch, an old western town with wagon rides, roping tutorials, quick-draw lessons and a slew of other Wild West activities!
    • On the chopper ride back, enjoy a nice overhead view of the Strip!

    A limo takes you back to your hotel and after the dizzying, 6.5-hour journey, you’re liable to take a nap in it. Get your fill of adventure and then some!

    Intensity: 5.0 Intensity
    Intensity: 5.0 Intensity
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  • Experience Details

    What to Bring/Wear

    • Sunglasses
    • Camera(s)

    What is Supplied

    • Limo pick-up from your hotel in a luxurious stretch limousine
    • Riverboat cruise down the Colorado River
    • Eaglepoint and Skywalk access 
    • Views of Guano Point
    • Walk the Hualapai Ranch
    • Fly through the Grand Canyon
    • In-flight narration of major landmarks with music soundtracking the tour
    • Fly past the marvelous Hoover Dam
    • Surreal views of the Mojave Desert
    • Fly over Lake Mead
    • Colorado River Flyover
    • Fly down the Las Vegas Strip
    • Limo drop-off back to your hotel

    More Information

    • Tour departs Early Morning (the exact time will be sent in your confirmation, as the pick-up time changes throughout the year)
    • A-Star Helicopter
    • Passengers weighing over 300 lbs will be required to purchase comfort seat upon arrival ($275.00)

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Las Vegas (to Grand Canyon)

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