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Skydive Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a destination #1 for adventurers and thrill seekers thanks to the seemingly unending list of activities offered in the city. But only the most daring will up the ante and harness up for the ultimate thrill: skydiving! Take a walk on the wildest side of all with a Las Vegas skydive.
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Just outside of Las Vegas’s flashy city limits the atmosphere turns from bright lights and bling to sweeping desert scenery. It’s the perfect expanse for the rush of a lifetime as you climb high in the sky and skydive Las Vegas. From thousands of feet in the air, you’ll have the chance to take in all of the majesty of the Nevadan landscape before taking the plunge and freefalling at 200 feet per second, reaching speeds up to 120 mph!

How much does Las Vegas skydiving cost?

Las Vegas has several skydiving locations and packages to choose from so pricing varies. Skydiving in Las Vegas ranges between $149 and $278, depending on the location and package you choose.

What should you wear for a Las Vegas skydive?

No special clothing is required for your Las Vegas skydive! You can dress for the weather of the day of your jump, keeping in mind that the temperature does drop 1-2 degrees for every thousand feet in the air and that the wind will be rushing during your jump. We do recommend that you wear closed toe shoes that can be secured to your foot, such as a tennis or athletic shoe. Sandals are prohibited.

How old do you have to be go skydiving in Las Vegas?

Per mandate by the federal government and USPA, all Las Vegas skydivers must be aged 18 years or older. We’re sorry but no exceptions or parental consent allowances can be made.

Who can skydive in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas skydivers are held to the age and weight requirements as stipulated by governing bodies and location. If you are or could be pregnant, you are restricted from skydiving. In addition, per FAA regulation, all participants must be drug and alcohol free for at least 8 hours prior to their skydive and have a blood alcohol content of less than .04%.