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Whitewater Rafting

 Whitewater Rafting

Imagine you're on a roller coaster. You know that light-headed, giddy feeling you get as the cart climbs slowly -click, click, click- up that first big climb? Remember how the tempo in your pulse quickens and quickens? Recall how your lungs pull in that slow, tight inhalation of breath as you look over the edge...and how your eyelids draw back as you take in the dizzying panorama....just before you plunge headlong over the precipice?

Well imagine all that...with millions of gallons of water crashing and splashing all around...with no seat belt preventing you from feeling every lift and every dip!

And then, when the rapids dissolve into placid, flowing river again...there's the view...everywhere you look the majesty of nature! You just don't get views like that at Six Flags!

This is no log ride. This is white water rafting! The ultimate immersion-in-nature thrill ride! For those that want the total nature experience -water, wind, sun, rock, sky! This is it.

From beginner to advanced. From peaceful to bone-rattling. From day trips to quick rides. We've got exactly the experience you're looking for!

Try Adrenaline White Water Rafting Today!

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Whitewater Rafting Seattle, Wenatchee River - Half Day
Come enjoy a half-day of river rafting on Washington state's crown jewel of… Learn more
Price PP:
Whitewater Rafting Seattle, Tieton River - Half Day
Journey through the whitewater rapids during the annual dam release from Rimrock… Learn more
Whitewater Rafting Denver, Upper Clear Creek 1/2 Day - Intermediate
Located just 30 minutes from Denver, the Upper Clear Creek trip is… Learn more
Whitewater Rafting Numbers Half Day and Zip Line Trip, Granite - Full Day
Paddle through the wildest rapids in the Arkansas… Learn more
Colorado River Scenic Boat Cruise Moab, 5 Hours
Cruise up and down the Colorado River as you are surrounded by vast sandstone walls and… Learn more
Price PP:
Whitewater Rafting, Westwater Canyon  - 1 Day
This amazing day trip will give you a heart pumping adrenaline rush and gorgeous views at… Learn more
Price PP:
Whitewater Boating Expedition, Cataract Canyon  - 1 Day
This is hands down the most extreme tour Colorado River's Cataract Canyon has to… Learn more
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