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Off Road Tours, Adventures and Rentals

Offroading and off road adventures are the most fun and exciting way of getting off the beaten track and connecting with nature. Adrenaline USA have teamed up with some of the best offroading and off road tour companies in America to bring you a range of experiences that let you hit the wild in style.
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Where can I go offroading?

Some of the best offroading trails and offroad tours are located in the West - think Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada. Of course, there are plenty of great offroading options in Alaska too!

What kind of vehicles are used for offroading experiences?

Some of the best vehicles to conquer backtrails and go offroading are ATVs, UTVs, Jeeps, RZRs

Who is driving during my offroad tour?

Depending on the tour and vehicle being used, you will either be driving the vehicle, be in a vehicle driven by a party member, or be driven by a professional guided. It’s up to you to decide how hands-on you’d like your offroading experience to be!