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Drive a NASCAR Experience

You arrive at the speedway think that you’re ready for the NASCAR Driving Experience of your life. The butterflies in your stomach are working overtime, your palms are sweaty and the smell of burning rubber and race fuel are making you question the wisdom of accepting the NASCAR Gift Certificate from your family, friends or work colleagues. But don’t worry, the best is yet to come…….

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Who is eligible to drive on a NASCAR experience?

Everyone who has a valid driver’s license and is under 6’7” and 300LBS can drive a real NASCAR racecar!

How long will I be at the racetrack for a NASCAR drive day?

Expect to be at the track for up to 3 hours depending on the package you purchase. This time includes the safety training, meeting your instructor, and time on the track. 

Can spectators come to watch me drive a NASCAR?

Of course! Spectators are welcome and have a specially designated viewing area at all of the racetracks.