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Scenic Canyon Flight and River Adventure - Full Day

best seller Scenic Canyon Flight and River Adventure - Full Day

Sky, land and river: this Grand Canyon tour covers all angles!

Grand Canyon South Rim (Grand Canyon National Park Airport (AZ))
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  • Description
    Grand Canyon Scenic Airlines

    Sky, land and river: this Grand Canyon tour covers all angles! From an airplane, soar over the East Rim. Big windows give you the best views. For the second leg of your tour—a 4-wheel adventure of upper Antelope Canyon. It’s likely to be the most magical ride you’ll ever take. Be awed by the labyrinth-like formations and sunlight beaming through the canyon slots. Finally, it’s a 15-mile rafting trip on the Colorado River. See the petroglyphs. They’re a window to the world of the ancient peoples who, for millennia, called these canyons home.

    • Take a full-day tour of the Grand Canyon.
    • Travel by sky, land and water!
    • Begin with a one-hour airplane tour of the Grand Canyon’s East Rim.
    • Travel in a Vistaliner airplane: high wings + huge windows = top-tier photo opportunities.
    • For the second leg of your journey, soar from the canyon to Paige, Arizona.
    • Touch down at Antelope Canyon for a 4-wheel tour.
    • Travel deep into the slot canyon for 90 minutes.
    • Be mystified by the alien-like scenery.
    • For your final stretch, drift 15 miles along the Colorado River in a raft.
    • Drift past haunting petroglyphs and learn all about the ancient civilizations that etched them.
    • Enjoy a pre-flight breakfast and a boxed lunch during the rafting tour.
    • Receive return transportation to Grand Canyon National Park Airport.

    At a little over 12 hours, this is the quintessential Grand Canyon discovery tour. Book your adventure now!

    Intensity: 5.0 Intensity
    Intensity: 5.0 Intensity
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  • Experience Details

    What to Bring/Wear

    • Wear clothes suitable for the weather on the day
    • Valid ID
    • Camera

    What is Supplied

    • 1 hour flight (fly over parts of the East Rim en route to Page, AZ)
    • 1.5 hours spent at Antelope Canyon (guided four-wheel drive vehicle tour of upper Antelope Canyon)
    • 5 hours spent at Glen Canyon (travel 2 miles through the canyon walls to the base of Glen Canyon)
    • Continental breakfast after check-in
    • 15.5 mile rafting trip

    More Information

    • Tour duration is approximately 12.5 hours from start to finish
    • Check-in is at a private terminal at the Grand Canyon National Airport
    • Breakfast and lunch is included

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Location map

Grand Canyon South Rim

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