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Helicopter Flight Lesson Tallahassee - 30 Minutes

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Take the controls of an R44 Robinson helicopter and become a pilot for a day.

Item: HE14754LI
Tallahassee Regional Airport (Tallahassee )
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  • Description

    Take the controls of an R44 Robinson helicopter and become a pilot for a day.

    This introductory flight lesson lets you experience the thrill and excitement of piloting a helicopter yourself. The lesson will start with a short ground briefing, followed by an aircraft inspection that every pilot performs before each flight. From there, you’ll enter the cockpit and follow the checklist to start-up the engine and to spin-up the rotors. When ready for take-off you’ll lift off vertically and soar through the skies. You will be piloting the helicopter about 90% of the time under the close supervision of an experienced flight instructor. In total you will be in the control of the helicopter for approximately 30 minutes!

    You will treasure this flight for the rest of your life, whether this will be a one-time adventure or the first step towards becoming a certified helicopter pilot.

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  • Experience Details

    Fitness and Experience

    • No experience is required, you will be supervised by an expert instructor at all times
    • You will not be allowed to fly if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs

    What to Bring/Wear

    • Loose comfortable clothing should be worn, as it can get quite warm in the cockpit and sturdy shoes
    • Sunglasses are a must as the glare off clouds can be quite bright

    What is Supplied

    • Introductory helicopter flight lesson in an R44 Robinson (approximately 30 minutes in the helicopter and 10 minutes in the air)
    • A ground debriefing following your flight

    More Information

    • Lessons are available Monday to Sunday, all year round

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Tallahassee Regional Airport (Tallahassee )