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Hot Air Ballooning

Hot Air Ballooning

Get a different perspective on the world – a birds eye view! Hot Air Ballooning is an exhilarating and unique adventure, where you float with the breeze several hundred metres in the air. You feel no sensation of movement, as you travel with the wind.

Your adventure begins in the cooler, still hours of the early morning, when the air is more stable. The launch site is determined by the weather on the morning and the Hot Air Balloon inflated using a giant portable fan, before the burner is turned on and basket tipped into an upright position. Then it’s time to clamber into the wicker basket and gently rise, as the burner heats the air inside the balloon.

The Hot Air Balloon flight is both picturesque and tranquil. You hear very little sound from the awakening world below. The silence is only broken with blasts from the propane burner heating the air in your balloon to keep you cruising across the skies for longer. Watch as the sun bursts from the horizon and paints the sky pink in a spectacular morning sunrise.

Your destination remains a mystery till the final touchdown – you surrender control and are taken in the direction of the wind. Top off your exhilarating morning with a champagne breakfast, and reflect on the adventure you’ve just embarked on.

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New York
San Diego
Las Vegas
Hot Air Balloon Ride Albuquerque, Sunset Rio Grande Flight - 1 Hour Flight
Sunset flights are only available November through… Learn more
Hot Air Balloon Ride Napa Valley - 1 Hour Flight with Champagne Breakfast
Float majestically over California's most beautiful… Learn more
Hot Air Balloon Ride Albuquerque, Sunrise Rio Grande Flight - 1 Hour Flight
Hot Air Balloon Ride North Phoenix - 1 Hour Flight
Phoenix is one of the largest cities in the US. It occupies nearly 250 square… Learn more
List Price:
You Save:
$20 (11.8%)
Hot Air Balloon Ride NJ - 1 Hour Flight
What do you do when you see a hot air balloon? If you're like most people, you stop.… Learn more
Price PP:
Hot Air Balloon Ride Temecula - 1 Hour Sunrise Flight
Your hot air ballooning adventure above the vineyards of Temecula awaits! Soar… Learn more
List Price:
You Save:
$81 (32.4%)
Hot Air Balloon Ride San Diego - 1 Hour Sunset Flight
Enjoy coastal beach views on a hot air balloon ride just outside of San Diego. … Learn more
Hot Air Balloon Ride Phoenix, Sunrise - 1 Hour Flight
After you check in and meet your pilot and crew you will hop in the chase… Learn more
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(228 customer reviews)
Thanks for the great trip
George L
it was a wonderful adventure. loved every minute of it.
It was my first time air ballooning and it was great!
Awesome staff! Great breakfast at the end of flight.
Lori M
We celebrated 42 years of marriage ?? had a great flight & breakfast !
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Hot Air Ballooning
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