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High Altitude Low Opening Skydive, 30,000ft - Memphis

High Altitude Low Opening Skydive, 30,000ft - Memphis
Location: Whiteville (Memphis)
Our Price: $3,700
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High Altitude Low Opening – experience the highest skydive at 30,000ft and the longest freefall.

HALO jumps stand for High Altitude Low Opening, which is exactly what it sounds like. You’ll jump out of the plane at an altitude more than 2 times higher than most skydives. From there, you’ll get to experience a rush like no other as you freefall for a full two-minutes and reach terminal velocity. The experienced instructors provide you with all the training and oxygen equipment needed, so all you need is the courage.

  • 30,000ft tandem skydive
  • 2 minute freefall!
  • Full equipment
  • Experienced tandem master
  • Personalized training
  • Certificate of Completion
  • DVD of the experience

This is a serious jump for serious jumpers and you'll be decked out in top-notch equipment. Each jumper is equipped with a HGU 55/P ballistic helmet, MBU 12 Oxygen Mask, Tacitical Googles, Airox VIII 02 regulator, Twin 53 or Twin 22 bailout bottle assemblies, flight suit and gloves and high altitude meters.

You will spend Sunday afternoon with your Tandem Master learning skydive basics and breathing techniques. In this hands on class, you can expect to learn all the mechanics behind the incredible feat you are about to embark on. On Monday morning, it's time to get ready to join the select group of humans who had what it takes to HALO jump.

The ultimate thrill ride for the most enthusiastic adrenaline-junkie!

Intensity: 5.0
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Experience Details

Fitness and Experience

  • No particular level of fitness is required
  • No experience is required as necessary training is part of the Jump
  • Must be at least 18 years old to skydive
  • You must not be pregnant
  • Men must be clean shaven for proper fitting of oxygen mask
  • Max weight 240 lbs.

What to Bring/Wear

  • Wear comfortable clothing suitable to the weather
  • Wear gym shoes only
  • Plenty of courage!

What is Supplied

  • Personalized Training
  • Equipment Orientation
  • Tandem 30,000ft skydive
  • Up to a 2 minute freefall
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Video and or High Resolution Photos
  • HALO T-shirt

More Information

PLEASE NOTE: This is a two day experience. On Sunday, you will spend the afternoon being fitted for equipment and go through a training session with your tandem master. On Monday, you will return to the dropzone in the morning to enjoy your HALO skydive and the experience of a lifetime!

If you'd like to book a session besides Sunday-Monday, please speak with an Adrenaline representative who might be able to help you schedule in a session depending on availability and time of year.

You will receive your DVD footage and T-Shirt approximately 2 weeks after your experience. However, bring a USB on the day of and you'll be able to bring the raw footage home with you!

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