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ATV Off Road and Zipline Adventure, Oahu - 3 Hours

Transport to and from Waikiki hotels included!

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  • ATV Off Road and Zipline Adventure, Oahu - 3 Hours (HOTEL TRANSPORT INCLUDED)
  • ATV Off Road and Zipline Adventure, Oahu - 3 Hours (HOTEL TRANSPORT INCLUDED)
  • ATV Off Road and Zipline Adventure, Oahu - 3 Hours (HOTEL TRANSPORT INCLUDED)
  • ATV Off Road and Zipline Adventure, Oahu - 3 Hours (HOTEL TRANSPORT INCLUDED)
  • ATV Off Road and Zipline Adventure, Oahu - 3 Hours (HOTEL TRANSPORT INCLUDED)

Break out of your shell and book this ATV Off Road and Zipline Adventure with hotel transport included! We'll combine off roading and ziplining through three lines ranging in length.

Item: AT17379VO
Coral Crater Adventure Park (Kapolei)
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Our Price: $ 310 2023-12-05
(per person - minimum 2)
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  • Description

    ATV Off Road and Zipline Adventure, Oahu

    If you’re looking for an Oahu adventure of a lifetime, then you need to book the  ATV Off Road and Zipline Adventure experience today. Transport to and from Waikiki hotels included! 

    After spending your days relaxing on Oahu's many beaches, snorkeling with the family, diving with the sharks, and riding horses, it's time to face your fear of heights with a speedy and bumpy off road ride combination.  Experience basic off-road techniques while navigating our technical course. Following a brief introduction, you can drive an ATV on your own. Wear appropriate clothing since you will get very dirty. Safety gear and goggles will be provided.

    Wear closed shoes to make sure you're comfortable during the ride, plus you'll benefit from your next adventure.

    With our Zipline Tour, you'll get a chance to go on three 300 to 900 foot zip lines after your off-roading fun. A new braking system on this zipline means zipliners or riders don't have to control their speed or stop themselves. The zipline was inspected for industry regulations and component installation instructions, making it one of the most popular and safest zipline destinations. This activity is available to children 6 years and older (within the weight restrictions). 

    Come out for an experience you won't soon forget, as we'll keep you safe throughout the adventure. 

    This in-demand combination adventure of ziplining and off-roading are two of the best outdoor activities in Oahu, Hawaii. 

    Waikiki Transportation Information:

    If you are staying in Waikiki, we will pick you up and bring you to the Coral Crater park and return you to the hotel after the adventure. When you make your reservation, the reservation will provide you with the pickup location and time.

    Book your ATV Off Road and Zipline Adventure, Oahu today!

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  • Experience Details

    Fitness and Experience

    • Those with preexisting injuries, back, neck, or heart issues should consult their doctors before participating.
    • The activity is also not recommended for pregnant women due to safety reasons
    • Kids as young as 6 can ride the side-by-side ATV
    • Drivers of ATVs must be 18 years of age or older.
    • Bring valid drivers license
    • During the tour, you can be a passenger if you're accompanied by a driver.

    What to Bring/Wear

    • Securable, close-toed shoes are required. Athletic shoes are recommended. 

    What is Supplied

    • 1 Hour Zipline Tour
    • 1 Hour ATV Tour
    • All equipment
    • Transport to and from Waikiki Hotels for at least 30 mins in each direction

    More Information

    • To drive you must be at least 18 with a drivers license.
    • Passengers can be anyone over the age of 6.
    • For every passenger they must be with an adult driver. (You cannot sign up for this tour as a passenger only.)
    • If you have an odd number of people in your group one person will need to purchase their own two person vehicle.

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Coral Crater Adventure Park (Kapolei)