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Los Angeles Hang Gliding

Get ready for a Los Angeles hang gliding adventure as unique as the city itself: a trike flight! There’s nothing quite like trike flights thanks to their one-of-a-kind nature. Combining the gliding elements of hang gliding with the engine power of a traditional aircraft, trike flights provide the best in views of the L.A. area in a truly singular fashion. Book your Los Angeles trike hang gliding adventure today!
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Is Los Angeles hang gliding hard?

There are physical requirements of pilots involved to steer the craft and maintain altitude but you won’t need to worry about that on your flight! All of our Los Angeles hang gliding adventures pair you with a professional pilot so you can focus on enjoying your flight.

Do you need special training to go hang gliding in Los Angeles?

Any training you need is included in your hang gliding flight package! No previous experience is necessary to go hang gliding in Los Angeles.

How much does Los Angeles hang gliding cost?

Los Angeles has several hang gliding packages for you to choose from! Since all training is included in each package, pricing varies based on flight duration. Packages range from $240 to $275 per person.

Where can I go for hang gliding in Los Angeles?

You do need secure air space for a safe hang gliding experience. For your Los Angeles experience you’ll head to the grounds of the Hawthorne Municipal Airport, ensuring a safe space as well as epic views of the city for your hang gliding adventure!