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Kona Helicopter Tours

Explore the Big Island, one of America’s beloved tropical paradises, on a helicopter tour of Hawaii.

Swoop above one of the most active volcanoes on the planet!

  •  Hover to a remote waterfall lookout on the Kohala Coast!
  •  Get sunset views of the world's finest beaches!
  •  See dense tropical rainforests from a privileged vantage point!
  •  Capture photos that would make National Geographic jealous!
See it all and then some! With a Big Island helicopter ride, you get first-class views of America's most majestic scenery. Bluer than blue waters, lush green hillsides, black sandy beaches, red-hot lava - all that's just a portion of the colorful eye-candy on display!
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Big Island - Hawaii's largest, most diverse landscape is yours to discover from a helicopter. No place on the planet is as colorful, as majestic, as thrilling as this lava-spewing, water-gushing paradise.

From the air, you'll encounter everything from the world's largest active volcano to secluded spots on the Kohala Coast that you can't access any other way.

Alien-like terrain and beaches with sand blacker than the night sky are set against tropical rainforests and mountainous scenery that seem to stretch on forever. Soar sunrise, sunset or anytime in between.

These are without a doubt the finest helicopter flights in all of Hawaii. Maximum comfort, impeccable views, scenic landings in hidden valleys - go big. Go Big Island!