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Grand Canyon Scenic Cruises

One of the seven natural wonders of the world, to see the Grand Canyon is one of the greatest experiences one can ever have. Most take to the skies for an epic flight high above the Canyon’s sprawling vista but why constrain yourself to a far off view? Get up close and personal with the Canyon and the river that formed it on a Grand Canyon scenic cruise.
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For millions of years, the Colorado River has slowly etched away at the rockface of Arizona to uncover hidden geological gems, creating what we know today as the glorious Grand Canyon. On a Grand Canyon scenic cruise, you’ll have the chance to elevate your average Grand Canyon experience by taking to the very waters that carved the Canyon. As you follow along the Colorado River, you’ll have the opportunity to closely view the walls of the Canyon and marvel at the magnificent colors of the sediment that the Canyon is so famous for. You’ll also have the chance to view the native Arizonian flora and may even see some of the Grand Canyon’s wildlife along the riverbank as you glide past!
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