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Fort Wayne Helicopter Tours

Experience the Indiana sky like no another by embarking on an unbelievably stunning Fort Wayne helicopter tour. During this adventure, you’ll get mesmerizing bird’s eye views of Fort Wayne’s major attractions like the Three Rivers, Leo Crossing, and the downtown skyline. There's no better way to take in all that Fort Wayne has to offer.
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With so many architectural and natural gems to discover, a Fort Wayne helicopter tour allows you the opportunity to sit back and embrace them all. From your guaranteed window seat, you’ll have a bird’s eye view of the stunning Midwestern vista for miles in all directions. Keep your eyes peeled for especially stunning views of the tri-river system as it winds its way through the landscape. Your exciting Fort Wayne helicopter ride awaits!

How long is a Fort Wayne helicopter tour?

Several tour packages are offered in Fort Wayne, ranging from 12 minutes to 30 minutes of flight time.

How much is a helicopter tour of Fort Wayne?

Pricing depends upon the duration of flight and so also depends on the tour package you choose. In Fort Wayne, helicopter ride packages range from $100 to $259 per passenger.

How do I book my Fort Wayne helicopter tour?

Booking your helicopter ride of Fort Wayne is easy! Each tour package’s web page includes a description of what you will see and what to expect. Once you’ve decided which you prefer, just click the Book Now button on the flight web page or call our helpful reservations staff and you’re on your way to an awesome Fort Wayne helicopter adventure!