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Ellenville Hang Gliding

Become a hang gliding pro in Ellenville! Whether you’re looking for an intro into the wide world of hang gliding or if you’re ready for a full day of training and aerial flight, Ellenville has what you’re looking for! Soar thousands of feet in the air with a bird’s eye view as you swoop and glide after learning the ins and outs of this amazing sport.
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Do you need special prior training to go hang gliding in Ellenville?

Any training you need is included in your hang gliding flight package! No previous experience is necessary to go hang gliding in Ellenville.

Is Ellenville hang gliding hard?

There are physical requirements of pilots involved to steer the craft and maintain altitude but don’t worry, you’ll be paired with a professional pilot instructor the entire time as you learn the ins and outs of hang gliding.

How much does Ellenville hang gliding cost?

Ellenville has several hang gliding packages for you to choose from, ranging from introduction to certification. Packages range from $220 for an introductory package to $2699 for the Full Eagle certification program package!

How do I book hang gliding in Ellenville?

Booking your Ellenville hang gliding adventure is as easy as 1-2-3! Each flight package web page includes a description of what you will see and what to expect so that you can choose which one best suits you. Once you’ve made your choice, just click the Book Now button on the flight web page or call our helpful reservations staff and you’re on your way to an amazing Ellenville adventure!