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Dallas Helicopter Tours

Marvel at the beautiful city thousands of feet above the ground during this breathtaking Dallas helicopter tour. Admire the beautiful Dallas skyline and Fair Park – a National Historic Landmark that covers over 250 acres while soaring in the Texas wind. What are you waiting for? Book now to experience a helicopter ride of a lifetime!
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See Dallas in style! Departing from the Dallas Executive Airport, from start to finish, you’re in for the flight experience of a lifetime. You’ll ascend high over downtown Dallas for the ultimate view of the city’s skyscrapers and integral river. You’ll also views of other popular sights like the Bank of America Plaza, Fountain Palace, Cottonbowl Stadium, and more! There’s no better way to see this Texan urban splendor than on a Dallas helicopter tour!

What will you see on a Dallas helicopter tour?

That depends on the package you choose! Focus in on downtown itself or literally expand your horizons and see the entirety of the city on a VIP excursion.

How long is a helicopter tour of Dallas?

Depending on what you want to see of the city, Dallas tours are anywhere from 12 to 18 minutes in duration.

How much is a Dallas helicopter tour?

Pricing depends on your preferred tour package, ranging between $135 and $175 per passenger.