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Skydiving in Chicago - Weekday Special - 9,000ft Jump

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Experience the unparalleled thrill of free falling for up to 30-35 seconds at awesome speeds of approximately 120mph during a tandem skydive.

Item: CH14615IC
Rochelle (Chicago)
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  • Description

    Skydiving in Chicago Tandem Jump

    Skydiving Chicago - 9,000ft Jump

    Skydiving is an experience unlike any other. The thrill of free falling thousands of feet is a feeling you will remember for the rest of your life.

    Even with all the insane emotion and excitement attached with skydiving it is also an extremely safe and easy experience; especially during a tandem skydive with one of our professional instructors who have logged over 15,000 jumps!

    During the briefing session at the jump facility you and your tandem pro skydiving instructor will rehearse a few different techniques that will ensure your safety and knowledge of how to properly jump.

    The ground training session will also cover all methods of canopy control and safe landing actions.

    As soon as your instructor is confident that you are capable of jumping safely it is time for the 15 minute flight to an altitude of 9,000ft. The height of 5 Willis Towers! After a final check it is time to take the quick way down.

    As the plane's hatch slides open the adrenaline starts to pump and it is now go time! Within seconds you will reach free fall speeds of 120mph for approximately 40 seconds!

    This is the moment where humans get the chance to feel what it is like to fly. This is a thrill only the brave can experience. As the parachute deploys the joy ride begins. You will see the world from a vantage point you have never witnessed before. This is truly a tranquil moment in your life where you feel at total peace and a million miles away from troubles and worries.

    As you approach the ground your instructor will teach you how to control the parachute's direction and how to decrease your descent speeds. Once you touch down the first thing you will do is catch your breath, smile and have an overwhelming feeling of pride and accomplishment and rightfully so, because this experience is not for the weak, but for the brave.

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    41 Reviews
    4.9 out of 5

    One word. AMAZING. Keep it up.

    Abdul h   5 out of 5

    Len your the best!!! You made my experience so much more memorable, thank you

    Sam d   5 out of 5

    I had a great time! !!!

    Johnny W   4 out of 5


    Tray N   5 out of 5

    it was awesome

    Ken N   5 out of 5
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  • Experience Details

    Fitness and Experience

    • No particular level of fitness is required as training is included
    • People with epilepsy or heart conditions cannot jump
    • No experience is required as necessary training is part of the Jump
    • Must be at least 18 years old to skydive
    • You must not be pregnant
    • Max weight 240 lbs.; weight surcharges may apply upon check-in and assessment for guests weighing over 200 lbs.: $15 for 200-220 lbs., $30 220-240 lbs.

    What to Bring/Wear

    • Wear comfortable clothing suitable to the weather
    • Wear gym shoes only
    • Proper ID
    • Plenty of Courage!

    What is Supplied

    • 30 second freefall
    • We provide everything you need
    • Professional Tandem Master Jump
    • Briefing and Instructions
    • All necessary gear
    • An experience you will be telling all your friends about!

    More Information

    • Booking times are available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday only from 9am-Sunset
    • You could be at the drop zone for up to 5 hours
    • Please allow a half a day in case weather delays the jump
    • Spectators are more than welcome to come and watch
    • Restaurant on-premises
    • DVD and Photos packages are available on the day, ranging from $99.99-$129.99
    • This Jump zone is affiliated with the United States Parachute Association (USPA) and is governed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
    • Our instructors are fully licensed and have each logged thousands of jumps, some have more than 15,000+ jumps!

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Rochelle (Chicago)