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Skydive Chicago

Whether you’re a Chicago native or just visiting, skydiving Chicago is the perfect Windy City experience. High above in the sky, you will plunge out of the aircraft for views of the Chicago area you can't get anywhere else!
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Your Chicago area skydiving experience begins with professional instruction by USPA certified tandem masters to be sure you’re prepped on safety procedures and what to expect during your jump. Then you’ll be ready to take the air for heart-pumping skydive thrills! You’ll marvel at the amazing views of the Chicagoland area from the plane window as you climb to altitude. Then hold on as you zoom through the wide blue sky at 200 feet per second, reaching speeds of 120 mph! Once your parachute is deployed, relax and enjoy the beautiful Illinois landscape as you drift towards the ground to end your remarkable Chicago skydive adventure.

When can you go skydiving in Chicago?

Because Chicago is a northern skydiving location or “drop zone,” skydiving is available during temperate weather months, usually April through October. Exact start and end dates for the Chicago season vary yearly depending on temperatures and precipitation levels.

What should you wear for a Chicago skydive?

No special clothing is required for your Chicago skydive! You can dress for the weather of the day of your jump, keeping in mind that the temperature does drop 1-2 degrees for every thousand feet in the air and that the wind will be rushing during your jump. We do recommend that you wear closed toe shoes that can be secured to your foot, such as a tennis or athletic shoe.

How old do you have to be to skydive in Chicago?

Per mandate by the federal government and USPA, all Chicago skydivers must be aged 18 years or older. We’re sorry but no exceptions or parental consent allowances can be made.

How much does a Chicago skydive cost?

Chicago has several skydiving jump heights to choose from so pricing varies. Jumps range from $199 to $249 per person, depending on which jump height and day you choose.