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Atlantic City Helicopter Tours

Famous for its Jersey Shore, Atlantic City is a vacation paradise that has so much history built into it. An Atlantic City helicopter ride is the perfect way to experience this magnetic city as you fly over the boardwalk and see it from an angle that you never imagined was possible! Jump onto an Atlantic City helicopter tour!
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Explore New Jersey’s hidden gems from high in the sky! More than just your average circle around a city, this Atlantic City helicopter tour allows you the full experience of the Garden State. Taking off from the Philadelphia area, your FAA certified pilot will guide you across nearly all of N.J.’s terrain, from the famous Pine Barrens to the glitz and glam of hustling Atlantic City itself. All aboard for a one-of-a-kind Atlantic City adventure!

What can you expect on an Atlantic City helicopter tour?

Epic views of the of city and shore, of course! But also, thanks to its departure point in the Philadelphia area, Atlantic City tour packages also include an extensive exploration of the central New Jersey countryside as your journey to and from the city.

How long is an Atlantic City helicopter tour?

Because of its departure point, this tour is an epic 70 minutes in duration, allowing you plenty of time to enjoy the scenery and sensation of flight.

How much is a helicopter tour of Atlantic City?

Pricing is based upon duration and operational factors. Because this flight departs from the Philadelphia area and provides a comprehensive tour of central New Jersey in addition to Atlantic City, the cost is higher than shorter tours at $365 per passenger.