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Skydiving the Grand Canyon

This isn’t just any tandem skydive. Grand Canyon sights sprawl out all around you—it’s the only jumping experience of its kind! Yes, you heard right: this is skydiving the Grand Canyon. No other dropzone in the world offers views like these!

With the Grand Canyon’s South Rim as your backdrop, your tandem skydiving experience begins with a pre-flight training. Because a qualified Tandem Instructor is strapped to you for the dive, you’ll simply need to learn a few basic maneuvers—the experienced Tandem Instructor looks after all the hard stuff. Next, you’re geared up and on the aircraft. On the flight up to jump altitude, enjoy panoramic views of the Grand Canyon South Rim. The flight lasts around 15 to 20 minutes, so you’ll have lots of time to kick back and appreciate the scenery.

Then... Adrenaline starts pumping. Your jumping partner informs you you’re approaching the spot. It's now or never. The door opens, you peer out onto the vast chasm. You feel a tap on your shoulder. It’s your tandem diver. “On three!” he says. One… two… JUMP!

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