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Zipline Sedona

Mere miles from downtown Sedona lies Camp Verde’s Out of Africa Wildlife Park, a wildlife conservation preserve that lets you truly connect with a variety of African species as they roam their habitats. What makes this park truly unique, though, is you can also get a remarkable aerial view of the animals on five different exhilarating zip lines! As you zoom through the air, you’ll have the chance to see lions, hyenas, tigers, and more, all with the stunning backdrop of Arizona’s Black Hills.
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But this is isn’t your average zip line course! This zip adventure combines the thrill of five adrenaline-pumping zip lines with the amazing experience of soaring over desert terrain that is home to a variety of African wildlife! With miles of “roaming” replica African Bush habitats, the Out of Africa Wildlife Park provides the unique experience of combining thrilling speedster fun with exotic wildlife in their element for a truly awe-inspiring adventure.