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Skydive Savannah

With its glistening waters and stunning architecture, Savannah is beloved by visitors and locals alike. Georgia’s oldest city is beautiful to explore thanks to its historic sites and serene atmosphere. But don’t let the calm in town fool you! There’s epic adventure to be had just outside the city on an amazing Savannah skydive!
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You’ll start your Savannah skydive adventure with a safety briefing by USPA certified tandem master to get you comfortable with what to expect. Once you’re harnessed up, you’ll fly high in the sky for some stunning views of the Georgia countryside as you climb thousands of feet in the air. Once you reach altitude, brace yourself as you and your tandem master take the plunge, freefalling towards the ground at 200 feet per second! Pull the cord, deploy your ‘chute, take a deep breath, and enjoy the beautiful vista as you drift to land. You don’t want to miss the memory of a lifetime, skydiving Savannah.