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Skydive San Diego

Known for its beautifully temperate climate, San Diego is the perfect area to take advantage of one life’s greatest adventures: skydiving! Sprawling along the SoCal coast, San Diego offers tourists and locals alike a plethora of beaches and waters to enjoy but why not elevate your experience and take to the clouds for a San Diego skydive?
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Mere miles from downtown San Diego, lies the Oceanside Municipal Airport, home to the ultimate in thrilling adventure: skydiving! Your San Diego skydive kicks off with instruction by your USPA certified tandem instructor. Once you’re set on safety and procedure, you’ll board and ascend 13,000 ft in the air for stunning views of the San Diego skyline, the SoCal countryside, and, of course, the glistening Pacific Ocean. Then hold on tight as you and your tandem master make the leap of faith and jump to freefall at speeds of 120 mph! Deploy your ‘chute and again enjoy the beautiful ocean and Californian landscape as you drift to ground and complete the San Diego skydiving adventure of a lifetime.