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Phoenix Horseback Riding

Located in the northern reaches of the Sonoran Desert, Phoenix encapsulates Arizona’s unique melding of urban construction and desert vista. The very heart of the Valley of the Sun, the Phoenix area is home to a stunning landscape comprised of desert flats, low mountain ranges, and the Salt River, making it a joy to explore. And the best way to experience it all is in true Southwestern tradition, horseback riding.
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You’re in for more than a mere trail ride when you go Phoenix horseback riding though! The Phoenix area and the land surrounding the Bradshaw Mountains in particular provide a thrilling landscape for your exciting equestrian adventure with its mix of ecosystems and variety of wildlife that call it home. After saddling up and exploring some of the trails that traverse the over 400,000 acres pristine wilderness of the Agua Fria National Monument, your expert guide will lead you to Coldwater, AZ, a town straight out of the Old West itself! Here you’ll have the chance to view life as it was in Arizona’s Old West and even try your hand at some of the activities of the day.
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