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Orlando Horseback Riding

Over the years, Orlando has established itself as a mecca for vacation fun. Every corner of the city holds a new and exciting experience from rides and attractions to natural beauty and, or course, animal adventure. Whether an experienced horse-lover or an enthusiastic novice, an Orlando horseback riding experience is for you.
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This experience is more than just your average trail ride! Rather than just boosting you up and directly out onto the trail, this Orlando horseback riding experience allows you to meet and truly bond with your steed. Like any big animal, horses have personalities too and this experience will give you a chance to get to know your new equine friend before you saddle up for a ride. You’ll learn not only the basics of riding but also what goes in to caring for and preparing these 1,000 lbs. majestic beasts for work. There’s no other Orlando horseback experience quite like this.