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Oahu Scenic Cruises

Take your Hawaiian experience to the next level by leaving land behind and exploring the marine world the encircles the island of Oahu. Full of sparkling waves and a plethora of marine wildlife, the Pacific Ocean coasts await to provide you with an aquatic adventure you’ll never forget. All aboard an Oahu scenic cruise!
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An Oahu scenic cruise is the perfect way to experience Hawaiian marine life in its natural habitat. Departing from the island’s famous North Shore, you have a variety of whale watches and shark tours to choose from. For those seeking a more serene experience, take to the sea during migration season to marvel at pods of majestic humpback whales as they make their way to their winter home. For those looking to add a little more spice to their Oahu adventure, join a group of like-minded thrill-seekers and head out on a hunt for sharks! Once you find these prehistoric predators, you can stay on the boat for amazing views from above or, for the bold, get right in the water with them!