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Los Angeles Horseback Riding

From the Hollywood Sign to Beverly Hills, downtown to Santa Monica Pier, there’s a thousand and one things to do in Los Angeles. The sprawling city has cemented itself on the international stage as one of America’s greatest cities to experience‚Ķ and also one of the busiest. Slow down and uniquely experience the area, away from the commotion of downtown. Just miles outside the city, you’ll have just that chance on a beachfront Los Angeles horseback riding adventure.
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Not far from the bustling urban mecca that is the City of Angels, you’ll find miles upon miles of pristine coastal countryside, untouched by the boom of tourists and technology. With your professional guide in the lead and your well-trained mount below, the stunning Santa Barbara scenery is yours to explore as you trot and canter along. From lush estates to rolling hills to sandy SoCal beaches, there’s an amazing view every moment when you’re Los Angeles horseback riding. Saddle up for the SoCal memory of a lifetime.