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Kona Scenic Cruises

Once the royal capitol of the then Kingdom of Hawaii, Kona is home to a variety of stunning man-made and natural sites. And with year-round warm temperatures thanks to a tropical climate, Kona is now one of the most desired destinations in all of the Hawaiian Islands. One of the greatest reasons to visit, of course, is the remarkable ocean waters off the coast, just waiting to be explored on a Kona scenic cruise.
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The glistening tropical waters of the Pacific Ocean are a stunning sight to behold. As far as the eye can see, bright blue glimmers in the sun, full of treasures to discover from aboard your Kona scenic cruise. Options range from tranquil sunset dinner cruises to thrilling whale watching excursions to even full day aquatic adventures that include dolphin “safaris,” snorkeling, and waterslides!  There’s something fun for every Hawaiian adventurer on a Kona scenic cruise!