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Chattanooga Hang Gliding

Soar thousands of feet high in the sky for a bird’s eye view of the Southern countryside! On a Chattanooga hang gliding flight, the clouds are your playground as you glide and swoop over the rolling hills below. Book today for the aerial adventure of a lifetime!
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How much does Chattanooga hang gliding cost?

Chattanooga has several hang gliding packages for you to choose from! Since all training is included in each package, pricing varies based on flight duration. Packages range from $199 to $299 per person.

Where can I go for hang gliding in Chattanooga?

You do need wide open spaces for a safe hang gliding experience. For your Chattanooga experience you’ll head just minutes outside the city to Lookout Mountain, ensuring a safe space as well as epic views for your hang gliding adventure!

Do you need special training to go hang gliding in Chattanooga?

Any training you need is included in your Chattanooga hang gliding flight package! No previous experience is necessary to go hang gliding in Chattanooga.

What is the difference between Chattanooga hang gliding and paragliding?

While there are differences in hang gliding and paragliding in terms of craft structure and piloting requirements, the biggest difference between the two is speed! While both offer an average minimum speed of 15 mph, hang gliders tend to have a higher maximum speed, making it perfect for those looking for a more thrilling gliding flight.